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"The program is unique in offering exposure to senior management in different businesses, markets and countries, together with an opportunity to learn about new cultures and ways of working."

Henrique, 29, is in his first permanent role with AkzoNobel: Product Manager responsible for the wall-paints portfolio at Coral, our decorative paint brand in his native Brazil. Henrique joined the program with a degree in Business Administration from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in São Paulo, Brazil, and work experience gained in the retail sector. "I think the Fast Track Management Program was crucial to my securing such an excellent position at this stage in my career," says Henrique. "The program gave me exposure to higher management which, combined with my previous experience as a category manager for retailers in Brazil, allowed me to be a strong candidate for my current role."

Henrique has completed placements in three different parts of AkzoNobel. His first was in marketing for AkzoNobel's Decorative Paints in Brazil, developing a reward program for painters. He then spent time in business intelligence research within Powder Coatings, before moving to a role in the corporate Margin Management consulting team, which took him to both the Netherlands and Sweden.

"I strongly recommend this program," concludes Henrique. "People with the will to learn and grow will find in it many outstanding opportunities to leverage their talents and accelerate their careers."